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MCE Conseils

Organization presentation

Founded in 1987 under the initiative of CSN, MCE Conseils' mission is to provide services, skills, and advice in management: economics and marketing; finance and accounting; management and structural analysis; company training; project planning and evaluation.


MCE Conseils is at the service of all companies. But our organization specializes in collective enterprise and offers support for responsible management from a perspective of sustainable development on economic, social, and environmental bases.

Our services
Our history and our mission
Our training courses
Our activities

Our services are intended for the following groups :

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To workers, in the council and in training for of the perpetuity and development of your company



To cooperatives and social economy companies, with advisory services in the service of performance in a context of collective ownership



To companies, in processes of job creation and conservation



To networks, for capacity building and technical and financial support to member organizations and companies

In all its interventions, MCE Conseils aims to conserve and create durable jobs in the best possible conditions.

Our history and our mission

Since its inception, MCE Conseils has accompanied companies in the daily challenge of economic development by offering high-quality services and advice, a diverse and recognized management competence as well as strategic opinions in support of companies. Our group's professional practice in carrying out its mandates is based on respect for the values ​​of our partners and clients, and on great professional objectivity.

MCE Conseils performs more than 150 company intervention mandates per year, for more than 10,000 jobs.
  • A willingness to contribute to economic development and the transformation of financial practices for social purposes, more solidary, more durable, and more equitable.

  • A common commitment in favor of different modes of participatory management and economic democratization.

  • The conviction that the transformation of work and the work environment favors the emancipation of people, the development of relationships of responsible consumption, and the socio-cultural relationship between people and communities, in a more respectful way.

MCE Conseils has diversified experience in its field. In the history of MCE Conseils, a vast experience has been built up with regard to the financing and management of social economy and cooperative companies. This experience ranges from the stages of market prospecting, creation and acquisition, reorganization or restructuring, or even helping the growth and development of these companies. Its consultants work in the areas of economics, finance, accounting, marketing, management, and training.

Our mission is above all the preservation and creation of jobs.

The particularity of our approach consists of an investigation of solutions that integrate the different stakeholders of the company. A significant part of our previous mandates came from groups that wish to study the feasibility of correction and reactivation scenarios for companies or sectors.

Our support in maintaining and developing employment is given by the provision of complementary services that we offer to collective companies, which the main ones are listed below:

  • Financial analysis and diagnosis of all company functions;

  • Research, monitoring, and negotiation of project financing;

  • Sector and market study;

  • Business plan, opening plan, changing of social status;

  • Strategic planning;

  • Monitoring of management with companies;

  • Training in management and governance;

  • Support to sectoral groupings of Social Economy Companies.

We annually accompany dozens of unions in analyzing the situation of their companies in order to improve their strategic negotiating position vis-à-vis employers, thus having a better understanding of the opportunities and threats that affect them.


The specific nature of the activities of MCE Conseils is that our specialization in Collective Entrepreneurship. We are present in the conversion of private companies into collectively owned cooperatives by workers in their work environment, helping them to increase their chances of success on economic, value, and governance bases.

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Our training courses

Our group has developed specific and in-depth content for good cooperative functioning and its consequences on the management of a company.

This content has been adapted to the difficulties and challenges that each company presents. We then make the participants aware of the critical factors The following is an apron of the various trainings we offer within the context of creating and supporting cooperatives :

  • The Cooperative Law

  • The functioning of cooperatives, obligations, and rights of members

  • The functioning of democracy in cooperatives

  • The role of the Administrative Council

  • Marketing of Social Economy companies

  • The capitalization of cooperatives

  • Financial analysis for members

  • Strategic planning for cooperatives

  • Implementation of the Balance Score Card as a tool to improve communication between members

In the last five years alone, we have been involved in more than 600 study and analysis mandates, many of which have been large-scale sectorial studies. These mandates affected several economic sectors, divided into the manufacturing sector (33%) and the commerce and services sector (67%).

Through strategic analyses, writing business plans, and supporting the opening of new companies, we have significantly contributed to the creation of more than 30 companies, creating approximately 1,300 jobs, since all companies are from Social Economy.

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Our activities

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Our activities in the areas of management training and our tailor-made training programs for the management of the cooperative/social economy are always customized. They are created and defined according to the needs of our clientele. In these years, we had the opportunity to organize more than a hundred seminars, thus favoring a large number of participants.


In all its interventions, MCE continually seeks to develop a pedagogical and customized follow-up for its clients, in order not only to satisfy technical needs but also to reassure clients through an analytical and recommendations process. This format guarantees an effective delivery of the mandate, and the consequent appropriation of knowledge by the participants in the technical, strategic, and financial aspects sought.

MCE carries out international cooperation activities regarding the planning and evaluation of projects, training, and exchange of analysis and management techniques, in strategic plans, and carrying out feasibility studies.


We have in our history the accomplishment of more than thirty mandates on four continents.

Since 1990, MCE Conseils has supported International Cooperation on several fronts, but, above all, it is considered a Center of Specialization in the development and monitoring of social and solidarity economy companies and for the networks that support them financially. This support can be technical, strategic, or support measures in the training area. In addition, the countless experiences lived by the MCE professionals bring light and differentiation to our company and our capabilities.

Thus, the topics of the MCE projects to which our in-depth experience has been applied are as follows :

Development of Cooperatives and other joint ventures:

We have carried out several strategic and sectorial opportunity studies, aiming at the development of cooperatives in certain countries. In these terms of office, we act on the advice/support and training courses for the management and governance of work cooperatives (Tunisia and Argentina).


MCE is involved in micro-credit management activities, supporting small businesses and the projects of Partner Organizations that support micro-credit. This activity ranges from institutional diagnosis to the realization of strategic plans and technical training of Credit agents. (Maghreb, South Africa – Suriname and Latin America).

Infrastructure Management

We participate with numerous Civil Construction and infrastructure companies in West Africa. Our professionals offer support (financial analysis, management diagnosis, and evaluation of results), and follow-up in the management of companies such as National Telecommunications Office (Senegal, Nigeria, Mali, Benin et Burkina Faso), Electricity companies (Nigeria), and Works of Public Interest Agency (AGETIPE-Mali).

Development of Cooperatives and Small Collective Enterprises:

In Canada, we are active in providing concrete support for opening SMEs or modifying their bylaws. We do this by conducting feasibility studies, business plans, researching and seeking funding, and monitoring management. This study provides a complete diagnosis of the needs of SMEs, both in Canada and in developing countries.

We are involved in projects in Cameroun (private sector support strategy), and in Mali (AGETIPE), in addition to other countries.

Integration of women in development:

Our interventions in local development are translated by several activities that support the active participation of women in micro-enterprises, in different social contexts such as Tunisia, Vietnam, Jordan, Palestine, and where IFD analysis must be considered – particularly in the social context where women must act at the beginning of economic activity.


We carry out evaluations of international cooperation programs according to their concerns regarding the values ​​and mission of these organizations, the achievement of goals and objectives. of management by results and efficiency, always keeping in mind our instruments and evaluations of managers rigorously involved in the start-up, development, and correction of companies.

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