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MCE Conseils

Our Mission

MCE Conseils is a multidisciplinary group supporting companies and organizations towards improving their performance. Beyond our complementary and diverse technical expertise, we have a concrete approach when analyzing organizations, with a strategic vision supported by our accountants, economists and strategy planners.

MCE Conseils works with SMEs in order to maintain and create jobs, with an approach based on sustainable development. Our organization specializes to provide support to cooperatives and social economy entities. These mandates are at the origin of our foundation in 1987. Outcome of our actions, MCE supported the creation of hundreds of enterprises/ entities. We also provided advisory services and support numerous operating companies, in areas including strategic planning, management development, organizations assessment, recovery planning and fundraising.

MCE Conseils contributed to the production of the Social Economy Enterprises Analysis Guide1. The Guide has since become the reference in terms of organizational strategic analysis of SEEs, which financial and operational orientations must benefit the community, must be organized collectively and be self-governed. Consequently, we offer numerous training and assessment tools for good governance guidelines and parameters for collective enterprises. We are specialized in collective entrepreneurship and social economy organizations.

As well, our project team members have been involved in strategic reviews for recreational products corporations, payment and enterprise resources management assessment and projects pipeline and their resources needs evaluation.

Most important to stress about MCE Conseils is that professionals fostering the firm always remains objective while implementing their mandates. Ethics is at the heart of our actions, as well as professionalism, allowing our organization to maintain an excellent reputation throughout its thirty years experience.

We are particularly aware of the special requirements of not-for-profit, with both social and economic objectives. Those must position their sources of income on the sale of products and services, but also on the support of its members and partners, recognizing their mission and their impact on their environment. It is our role to support to keep these mission parameters throughout our mandates. We have conducted many strategic reviews with operations efficiencies as scope.

We are particularly sensitive to matters of human resources and employee mobilization and involvement towards the company success. Therefore, we believe that we are in a great position to put forward our expertise for HI Canada, its regional organization configuration and governance structure.